Monday, March 2, 2015

Beautybay and Korean cosmetics haul

So 3 weeks ago I was rushed to the hospital in the middle of work and after lots of antibiotics and a CT X-ray scan they drove me to another city to inspect me further.
With an endoscopic diagnosis and a PET scan they diagnosed me with tuberculosis. Great...

Sooo in my miserable state with no friends or family nearby I felt super sorry for myself *insert sad violin* and decided that this was the perfect excuse to go online shopping for a "I feel sorry for myself" gift.

The goods!

Left package from
Right package from iamlove-shop on ebay.


iamlove-shop is always super! generous with samples!

(Puts my local beauty store Matas to shame!!! Matas is also shit and I'm not sorry for saying. They never give samples and everything is double in price compared to online local stores)

Skinfood Rose Essence Moist Makeup Fixer.
Smells like roses

Another Etude House Cherry Brown bubble hair dye to touch up my roots.

Nature Republic Argan Essential Moist Hair Mist.

Skinfood Red Orange Makeup Finish (Glossy Type)
Smells deliciously like orange candy.

Etude house Play 101 Pencil in #11

Etude House Give me Chocolate eyeshadow in Cherry Trouble.

Mizon Snail repair eye cream.

And from Beautybay:

Stila Convertible color lips and cheek cream in Gerbera

Too Faced Cat Eyes palette.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.

Too Faced A La Mode eyes palette.

There will be upcoming reviews on some of these stuff!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Etude House bubble hair dye in cherry brown

So I basically just deleted almost al of my entries because NONE of the photos were working and they were old and bleh.

Want to show what my hair looked like when I colored it with my favorite hair dye of all time Etude House!
I have used Etude House on my hair since 2012 I believe and I always go back to it, it's just perfect for my hair.
Even though my hair reaches past my bust 1 pack is always enough to cover my coarse thick asian hair!

So when Etude House released the new hair colours the Cherry Brown caught my eye!

New packaging and a new colour, I was so excited to try this one!

It's like a pinkish red  brown colour.

My hair before in natural light. I used Etude House bubble hair dye in Natural Brown a couple of months ago and it just gradually lightened my hair more and more. I swear no bleach except for the bleach that may be in the hair colour!

Black roots!

Here's what I love about the hair dye. Even though my roots were Black! and the rest of my hair light brown I don't need to apply it in a special way. no roots first or ends first. THIS is why I love Etude House hair dyes, because I get an EVEN result, screw you L'oreal!

My roots after! no more black roots yay!

So happy, and it evened out my hair perfectly!

So to keep my hair red and make the colour more intense I use the Revlon colour Bomb in 500 Purple Red. It makes my hair super soft while colouring it, like a conditioner with colour in it :-D