Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Coloring my hair with Etude House bubble hair dye

I have dyed my hair with Etude House since 2012 and I've tried various colours. I thought I would blog about it.
Now in the period 2012-2016 I have had:
  •  my hair dyed at my hairdresser ONCE! 
  • I've tried A L'oreal box dye ONCE!
  • I've tried the Japanese brand Palty hair bleach. 
The story goes like this: I wanted to try a chestnut hair colour from L'oreal. FAIL! I turned my hair a clowny orange!
Then I decided to try the Palty bleach.... FAIL! It only bleached my roots! I was devastated and desperate and I turned to my hair dresser to please fix my tri-colored hair. She then put a dark brown colour in, which only muted the horridness a little bit! It was still tri-colored, and she goes "Well maybe you need another round" ANOTHER ROUND? I had already paid over 100$ no way am I doing that again!

So my hair got a break for a while. 
I then turned back to my trusty old brand Etude House. Their hair dyes have never failed me! After 4 years of constant use I know how my hair reacts to this brand. And how I can get my desired colour.

I've seen many online reviews on these, and some peoples hair don't even get coloured. I think my hair is more porous? Or receptive?
I'll leave some instructions on how I do it down below.
For now follow my hair journey:

Etude house hair dye in #2 Dark Brown

Dark brown was my very first hair dye from Etude House. My jetblack natural hair turned into a nice dark brown colour. It lightened a little bit over time. I do believe there is a little bleach in this. How else could it lift my hair?

Etude house hair dye in #BR08 Natural Brown

Natural brown was my second colour. Holy crap I've had a couple of different results from this! One time it lightened my hair so much it was almost blond!(it was one of the old boxes) Most of the time it would give me a nice not so dark brown colour which would lighten over time ine the sun (to the point where my baby hairs were blond!)

Etude house hair dye in #RD06 Wine Red

Wine Red Is a gorgeous colour. Too bad it fades like crazy (after a couple of washes) BUT! You can actually keep the colour alive! I used a Revlon Color Bomb in 500 Purple Red, It's like a red conditioner/hairmask which "colours" your hair and it can last up to a week, depending on how often you wash your hair.

Etude house hair dye in #GR07 Khaki Brown

Khaki Brown has a very weak green tinge to it which disappears after a wash. It's one of my favourite colours because it looks sooo natural!

Etude house hair dye in #RD05 Cherry Brown

Cherry Brown Is a nice warm red autumn colour. Not much to say except it fades fast unless you use something like a Revlon Color Bomb. Very nice if you want muted reddish hair that looks somewhat natural.

Etude house hair dye in #BR03 Choco Tone Brown

Choco Tone Brown Lives up to its name. My classmate complimented my hair and said it looked almost chocolatey! On the photo it has faded a bit and my hair was still a little red underneath when I coloured but I couldn't wait! I should have waited untill all the red was gone, oh well...
So here's how I dye my hair with Etude House bubble hair dye:
  • Make sure you don't have a Black/dark colour in your hair. Etude house can only lighten colour from its own label and virgin hair.
  • Rinse out the previous colour as much as possible!
  • Go a day or two without washing. The hair shouldn't be too oily or it won't work as well.
  • The instructions says to leave it in for 20-40 minutes. I leave it in for an hour.
  • Use every ingredient!!! Over the years I've seen reviewers who skipped either the sachet or the treatment and got mad at the end result. Don't skip anything!
  • Wrap up your hair with the provided plastic cover. That way you will trap the heat which will help with the colouring process.


  1. oh my!! i have dark black hair. What color should I use???

    1. i do also, i recommend you to use natural brown. i think this is the only colour that will shows up despite the dark hair colour. i use it several times and i'm lovin' it!

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  3. haha it's fun, i had the same "problem" with the natural brown, my hair where so light i though i was the only one ! it's great to have find someone who have the same hair as me and who have tried all the color ! just, did leave the product for 1 hour don't damage your hair ? Maybe leaving one hour would give me a prettier color but i've heard some girls loose some of their hair by leaving the product for too long :/ well, maybe it depends on the quality of the hair hahaha !

  4. Hi! Two months ago i dyed my hair with jet black color from etude house but i didnt like how black hair looked on my face.. i want to use their choco tone brown now, will the color still show if i have dyed my hair black?