Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Get "Crystal Lovely Eyes with TonyMoly" review

I am a sucker for Korean cosmetics! Mostly because it's cheap while still being decent to excellent quality.
Living in Denmark everything is overpriced, even WetnWild and ELF!

So I turn to the trusty South Korean sellers of Ebay. 
I didn't look for anything in particular but I stumbled upon this TonyMoly Crystal Lovely Eyes eyeshadow stick:

I bought the Brown Beam and later I also got the Beige Beam.
It's doublesided which means it has a shadow applicator and a liner.
Now at first I thought one of the sides was a just a smudge brush but NO!
It actually releases colour from inside the applicator which is cool!


One the eyes with a primer:

So sparkly and crystally <3

IRL it's not that noticable from afar but close up it looks very nice and sparkly. T
he longevity is so-so. It needs a primer and a base colour! And even with that it will crease and rub off eventually.
But for 4$ (28 kr.) It performs very nice and it makes the eyes shine.

Overall score: 3.5/5

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